Interesting . . .

Yes, that is how you’re supposed to write ellipses: contrary to popular belief, there’s only meant to be three and they all have spaces in between them.

This minor amendment to YouTube’s first comment I hope doesn’t detract from its significance, for everything going on now, here, is “interesting.” This website is “interesting” (and confusing), the world outside is “interesting” (if less confusing and more irritating), and my motivations for wasting valuable time writing words on a sub-domain highly unlikely to ever be viewed are “interesting” to say for sure.

People write in diaries to reflect on events; they write books to cause reflections in other people; why am I writing this?

Maybe there comes a time in every man’s life where he feel moved by some great and perhaps terrible force to rail into oblivion, documenting the world’s descent into chaos with sadness, rage, and a hint of cynical vindictiveness. Or maybe he feels that everyone has gone mad but him, and he alone can save us from annihilation. Is that what I’m doing? No, not really. I’ve never been quite intense enough stare into the abyss, let alone blink. I don’t really feel that the world is past salvation, or close to a precipice over Hell, and I need to take up my voice and hysterically cry/fight for it. And I don’t feel any particular issue that compels me to make myself heard, either: others are doing that, and I’m not enough of an egoist to think people will listen.

Yes, yes, yes, [group] are ruining [country] and they need to be stopped; the invasion of [idea] in our [reputable or important institution] will soon regress us back to [appropriate point in the past]; we’d be living in a utopia if we just got rid of the [group/idea]. I know, for I don’t consider these concerns to be universally petty, and I have some of my own, as I’m sure will be found out. I don’t claim to be exempt, or even condemning. But I want it clear at this first juncture that is not why I have decided to crack open the Mac today. Holding a strong view about something is very different from wanting to air it.

Truth, then? Do I quest for enlightenment? The world is a complicated place and it is well known that the best way to keep yourself thinking straight is to talk to people who’ve arrived at a different conclusion. “The Jews’ noses are made of defiled communion bread,” he says. Maybe he’s seen something you haven’t, or maybe he’s just mad. Politics is even more complicated: “I’m voting for [controversial candidate/party] over [controversial candidate/party].” Perhaps he is factually misinformed, or perhaps he simply has different values to you and a different idea of what is good or bad, or less bad, or more important to preserve. Either way, knowing what people think is important.

But why would I come here to do that? All I can do here is project what I think, and I know what I think. If I wanted to know what other people think I could go and read their blogs and if I wanted to talk to them I could get in touch by the power of the Interweb; all it takes is a mindset and a willingness to consider alternatives. So why would I start my own platform?

Let’s go back to that first word: “interesting.” I think the world is interesting, and I think what I think about the world is interesting. I’ve already said I don’t love the sound of my own keyboard enough to inflict it on other people and try to “interest” them, but something inside me wants it written down. Nobody’s going to read about what I’m interested in, now or ever, probably including me, but I still want it here, in a permanent form, tangible. This blog is categorised under “general writing and books” simply because — well — I am writing, and there’s no category for “anything the author wants to write about” — probably because the lads at WordPress HQ think I expect to have a readership, and I want it to grow; this is just not the case. I couldn’t care less if no-one ever sees this link, or reads these words after the first time I do (though thanks). I want to broadcast all of the things I think here, for no reason I can quantify, surely falling into all of those stereotypes a few paragraphs up, simply because it’s interesting.

How long do you think I’ll last? If I was in your position I’d wager six rare Pepes on a month.

A flower in the author’s garden. Isn’t it “interesting”?



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