THE TRUTH ABOUT the Complete Idiot Peaceful Muslim in #London — what they’re NOT Telling You

A terror attack in London. Four dead; forty injured. A poor woman lying with likely catastrophic injuries by the roadside. A time of need, for compassion, for help, for what is supposed to be common humanity. Yet by passes this young Muslim lady without a care in the world, playing on her phone and whiling away the hours, proverbially fiddling while the city burns.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 17.37.58

The world stood still as its greatest icon of democracy came under siege from a violent, bloodthirsty ideology bent on zealous jihad.  Several people died. A Conservative M.P. became a hero. All are shaken, trying to regain control of themselves, contact loved ones, instinctively looking to return some normality to their day. And here comes a millennial, in a hijab, no less — on her phone. Why? What reason could she possibly have to be so careless as to stroll on past without a care in the world? Perhaps she was more interested her exams, or in the “Islamophobia” this frenzied spree killing might possibly stir up. The consumerist obsession does not help — the coat, the bag, the shoes. The death of the rugged, restrained Protestant Ethic was something conservatives long warned would result in a cold, careless youth. Now look. Has she lost humanity? Did she ever have it? Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Why would a Muslim be distraught at a jihad? We all know well from reputable sources how large the Islamic fifth column in Britain really is. A Muslim moderate is no more than a failed extremist. Only the crooked M.S.M. would dispute that it is a perfectly reasonable assumption she was gleefully scrolling Arabic Twitter and memeing. Maybe we didn’t see the picture she took, or the blood-red Snapchat filter she put on it with the barbaric hieroglyphs of the caption, laughing internally in that guttural, malicious language they all have.

But hark! Look! Another millennial, in the background! And she’s blowing her nose! Only the truly entitled could be worried about their sinuses at a time like this. How much did those designer jeans cost, I wonder? At a time when hundreds are at home, in their houses, in tears at the terrible crime, or shaking from the shock, covering themselves up, looking to wipe the tears away, she raises a handkerchief to her face to blow her fucking nose! Extraordinary! It isn’t so easy to tell from this distance, but she almost looks like a Slav — another immigrant. Here  standing over a dead White. The silence is deafening. Imagine my shock.

Never mind that, for see there is an Asian bending while on her expensive phone (provided by capitalism, if you would believe it), disrupting the work of the good Caucasian paramedic. While hundreds run to find and alert the authorities, or try to give resuscitate and tend to the injured, she has the audacity to get down for a closer look at the poor maiden — like an animal at the zoo — on her damn phone! Just who does she think she is?

And there above is a layabout! Idle! Fat! Hands in pockets! He could be helping, but no! He hovers, like something has paralysed him, just like he hovers in the kitchen and the entrance to the job centre! I bet the bag is full of Pringles. Any good conservative knows citizenship comes with as many responsibilities as rights; this is disgraceful!

But oh! No! Look at the victim! Those boots! Is she a hooker? A prostitute? A dame de la nuit? Degenerate. Deplorable. If I was the blonde paramedic I wouldn’t waste my time. She probably wasn’t even hit by the terrorist, and just collapsed on the street from a coke overdose. Waste of the precious public services attending to her. A public display of immorality like this would be criminal in the libertarian utopia.

Look on your world, LEFTISTS! This is the future liberals want.




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