Suspended — Ironically

So. I have been suspended from Twitter for the first time ever. It happened at 22:48 last night, shortly after I went to bed, and in order to reclaim my account from Hades I had to delete two tweets:

The first one . . . Yeah OK that was a bit racist. For context I was white knighting for the lady in my last post; she asked him if he could rap and I decided to take the trolling up to the next level. I won’t defend it as an inoffensive joke or even a funny one, but it entertained me and my friend at the time, if at the expense of @Hormordr, and honestly I think he deserved it. We’ll come to him later, but the fact he can’t take a single edgy joke says a lot about his personality, especially considering some of the stuff he’s put out there himself.

The second one is more confusing. It took place in the same conversation a little earlier, and it was — very simply — me responding to an in-joke that only I was ever supposed to get. She said something about anagrams that I understood (and am not explaining here) and I responded with the first thing that popped into my head vaguely funny: “*Sniggers knowingly*”. This was a bit of banter that happened to take place with @Hormordr tagged. There is no way he can possibly justify reporting me for this, and there is no way Twitter can possibly justify verifying his claim and suspending me over it, which leads me to believe that A. he did it because he was hell-bent on suspending me and just reported everything he could find, and B. Twitter does not bother verifying, at least with humans.

He took the liberty of blocking @hobbycontrarian too, just so that I couldn’t even talk to him about it man to man:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 07.10.51

He didn’t strike me as a particularly reasonable person, but if he’d been willing to talk I’d have talked to him. He was not.

Who is @Hormordr? Good question. I don’t really know much, but I am quite convinced the man is a raging transphobe. Here’s a selection from is own timeline (I used an alt — sue me):

I really love how the entire third screenshot consists of victim-point cashing-in for my “racism”. No, I do not genuinely hate black people and think they’re rapists, but what were we supposed to say in the face of shit like this? Yeah, we trolled him. I’m not even going to pick out my highlights, and I’m sure there’s a great deal more if you look at @Hormordr‘s feed. In fact, my friend @PraiseKyriarchy found something even more eye-rollingly hypocritical:


That he could say things like this but not handle my trolling is pathetic; that Twitter suspends me but not him is ridiculous. That is my verdict. Why is it that he was able to get away with the things he said? I think I know: it’s because none of the people he said it to are sensitive authoritarians. I’m sure if I were to go and spam-report him he would be suspended too. This platform rewards the weak.

I have no wish to get @Hormordr removed from Twitter. I am not vindictive like that. Nothing he has said to me or any of other people I know justifies it, as much as I’m sure he would disagree were our positions reversed. I just don’t want to be forced to delete tweets because of someone else’s childish sensitivities.

Am I on @jack’s naughty list now? Will these get more frequent? I wouldn’t put it past him. I think what we need is a little #Bansparency.



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