Post Shit Stream

I recently became quite busy, and I’m going to continue to be quite busy for a couple of months. No, I have not abandoned the blog, and much less the Internet, as Twitter followers should know. I also have quite a few post ideas in the back of my head, which I’m getting through slowly, and some larger projects too.

I feel like I’ve been writing too many essays lately, and I want to get away from that sort of thing for a bit and focus on shorter, snappier, salacious and sardonically sibilant shitposts; I’ve just got one more biggun on my list, and it’s probably going to be the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted yet, even if perhaps not the longest.

Regardless, I’ve been keeping up the rest of my Internet presence well enough, I think, and on Sunday night I wound up on a livestream with @uzalu_ and @RepublicOfKek, amongst others. I’ve known Kek for a while and we’ve gotten to be sort of online mates, and we were talking about a general hangout to chat in with some other friends. Uzalu turned up and hijacked it, and jumped the topic so that we were ostensibly talking about the French election. We managed to rack up about 130 viewers around twenty minutes in, which slowly trickled down to somewhere around the region of fifty when we ended after two hours.

Except we weren’t really talking about the French election, because practically the moment we started the state T.V. polling data came in, and it turned out to be pretty much accurate, so the tension was cut before any was even built. Uzalu then went and left. So we had no stream, really; instead we ended up reading funny chat comments, bugging out and disconnecting, insulting an American for putting water in the microwave and showing of Twitter antics. It’s a setup for a total catastrophe, but actually it was really fun and maybe — just maybe — worth watching, or hearing.

Enjoy, and I sincerely hope I’m not the one being described as budget Paul Joseph Watson.



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