Election: I’m Slightly Confused

Yeeeeeeeeee! British politics again!

Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to call a snap election on the 8 June 2017. I’ll be honest and say that this surprised me: I wasn’t expecting it because she’s insisted pretty firmly she didn’t want to do it, and it caught me off guard because for reasons I’ll get into I don’t think it’s sensible, from the perspective of the Tory Party. There’s fifty days, which is longish by British standards.Read More »


Huffington’s Poe

Poe: A person who writes a parody of a Fundamentalist that is mistaken for the real thing. Due to Poe’s Law, it is almost impossible to tell if a person is a Poe unless they admit to it.

A Huffington Post South Africa article went viral recently — for the bad kinds of reasons — and was snapped up and hated on by the entire Internet. I, however, was immediately pretty sceptical™ and I think with good reason.

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French Election 2017: Dramatis Personæ


The blog, as you can likely see, has had a facelift. I was going to mention it before, but the last post I wrote this morning was after my surprise suspension, and I had to pump it out quickly before my day began. I forgot, basically, and I’d rather not go and retroactively add this foreword like I did another 100 words and the featured image.

I grew tired of the old theme, which I had chosen out of desperation because it was the first one that looked even slightly tolerable, and wanted something more clean, more dignified and with a less odd front page. Took hours and hours to sort out the various issues that arose from the switch, but I got there in the end. Block quotes also look much nicer, which is good. I had an aversion to using them before, because with the old theme they were disgustingly lumpish, and I justified and italicised the text as my own substitute. I’ve now gone back and changed most of those.

The French election edges nearer, and I’ve put off this second post for too long (a couple of days). There are eleven candidates running, of whom five are polling over 1% and three are frontrunners. Not being French, I’d heard little other than the usual trashy headlines, so I thought I’d take a proper look at everyone and go over their profile, their party, and — this is the bit that tends to be forgotten — their policies. The Frogs go to the polls for the first time on April 23.Read More »

Some Notes on the French Political System

Towards the end of April the French will go to the polls to vote for their next president. The race, as far as I can tell, has been an unpredictable and exciting one, characteristic of politics the last few years; but the entire world will be also be watching, because it is widely thought of as the climax of recent political turmoil. Following Brexit and in the wake of Trump, between the build-up of Wilders’s show in the Netherlands and the encore of events in Germany, Marine Le Pen’s confident fight against François Fillon and then Emmanuel Macron might either be the final nail in the coffin of “globalism” or the start of its fightback. If she comes to power, I sincerely doubt the European Union will even survive, at least in its current state.

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THE TRUTH ABOUT the Complete Idiot Peaceful Muslim in #London — what they’re NOT Telling You

A terror attack in London. Four dead; forty injured. A poor woman lying with likely catastrophic injuries by the roadside. A time of need, for compassion, for help, for what is supposed to be common humanity. Yet by passes this young Muslim lady without a care in the world, playing on her phone and whiling away the hours, proverbially fiddling while the city burns.

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YouTube Grows a Spine

I need to cut down on the length of my posts; I challenge myself to keep this under 1200 words — 1126. Yes.

With Yvette Cooper at the helm, Britain’s Home Affairs Committee recently told YouTube that they ought to remove this video by David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan leader, entitled “Jews admit organizing White Genocide”, and YouTube told them, in effect, to get stuffed. (Here, though for those able to access it I thought there was much better reporting here).

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